Learn The Essentials of Startup Law & Finance

There are many legal, financial, and strategic concepts that early-stage founders are better-off learning at their own pace and on their own time, instead of paying a lawyer or other advisor to explain them often very inarticulately and expensively.  Founders also shouldn’t have to join someone’s private investment club to have access to information on those concepts.

While other law blogs are run by law firms and only link to their own content,  I believe in curation and not re-writing what someone else already posted. Below is a curated compilation of what I consider to be the web’s best advice to startup entrepreneurs, which I frequently draw from in counseling my own clients to save them money and myself time.  To the extent there’s material you think should be on here, please feel free to suggest it via the comments, or reach me on twitter.

Most “Essential” Posts

Broader Categories of Essentials:

Formation & Founders

Financing – Fundraising

Hiring & Compensation

Corporate Governance

Exits: Selling Your Startup

Obligatory Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provide conceptual educational materials to entrepreneurs and startup companies.  Individual circumstances vary, and any particular path of action suggested by an article or blog post may be inappropriate for your particular context.  That’s why you should hire a lawyer.  If, after reading this blog, you decide to take matters into your own hands and mess something up, don’t complain to me about it. It’s a risky world we live in.  I warned you.