About Me

José Ancer

UT Austin B.A. highest honors in Economics and Philosophy, Harvard Law School J.D. cum laude.

Over 10 yrs in practice I’ve counseled “startup” clients and boards on hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions across the U.S. My favorite role is to serve as a founding team’s “equalizer” – bringing my expertise and strategic guidance to the table to ensure they aren’t taken advantage of by market players who are more experienced and knowledgeable (about VC and legal issues) than they are.

The purpose of this blog is to provide founders a curated resource for educating themselves on core startup law & finance concepts, without wasting money or equity on lawyers or advisors; and importantly, without the biased advice that is often given by the investor community.  I write about startup law practice frequently on this blog.

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Obligatory Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provide conceptual educational materials to entrepreneurs and startup law practitioners. Individual circumstances vary, and any particular path of action suggested by an article or blog post may be inappropriate for your particular context.  That’s why you should hire a lawyer.  If, after reading this blog, you decide to take matters into your own hands and mess something up, don’t complain to me about it. It’s a risky world we live in.  I warned you.