The Dallas-Fort Worth Startup Ecosystem

While I personally don’t spend enough time in Dallas (though I definitely have DFW clients), E/N has a well-established Dallas office, and my tech/vc lawyer colleague Brian Alford is particularly well plugged in there. If you’re on the market for a Dallas startup lawyer, feel free to ping one of us.

Brian Alford

The Metroplex is quickly coming to prominence as a startup hub fueled by one of the highest concentrations of high-tech workers in the country and a focus on developing an entrepreneurial village in the heart of Dallas.  These are publications, organizations, and other resources that anyone forming a Dallas-Forth Worth Startup would be wise to familiarize themselves with.  If you have suggestions for additions please reach out to Brian Alford on twitter or make a comment.

And if you’re in the Dallas area and looking into Startup Lawyers, see: Startup Lawyers: Explained. 

DFW Startup Info and Calendars



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See: Texas Startup Investors

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