Colorado Startups & Startup Ecosystem

Colorado is known as the #1 summer escape for Texans, including people in Austin’s tech ecosystem. I find myself spending a lot more time in the Denver – Boulder area these days, and will soon have a second home there as our family has grown tired of the Texas summer and decided to do a bit of “weather arbitrage.” I’m looking forward to being a Colorado startup lawyer for a good portion of the year.

Based on my experience and observation, the below represents the core/top tier of the Denver – Boulder startup ecosystem. Feel free to suggest additions via the comments.

Accelerators / Incubators

Techstars Boulder 

Boomtown Accelerator

Founder Institute



WeWork Denver

Industry Denver

Meet Other Founders

Built In Brews

Denver Founders

Boulder Startup Week

Denver Startup Week

Open Coffee Club

Startup Grind Denver

Tech Publications

Built in Colorado

Brad Feld’s blog

Influencers to Follow

David Cohen

Brad Feld

Jason Mendelson

Seth Levine

David Mandell

Nicole Glaros

Natty Zola

Bing Chou

Seed Investors

Access Venture Partners

Blue Note Ventures

Hilltop Venture Partners

Four Points Funding

Kokopelli VC


PV Ventures

Ridgeline Ventures

Rockies Venture Fund

Southern Sun Angel Capital

Stout Street Capital


Zero G Capital